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Physics & Engineering Club

The CHIREC Physics & Engineering Clubs Manned Octocopter Project

What is CIPEC?

The CHIREC Physics & Engineering Club is a school club founded by IB students Amog Iska, Vinay Kanumuri and Aaditya Maddukuri. It aims to give students a hands on experience in learning physics through practical experiments, discussions, trips, group activities and projects.

What is the Manned Octocopter Project?

Students from the CHIREC International Physics and Engineering Club, along with CHIREC alumnus, Sahevaan Taneja, have undertaken a project to create an octocopter (multirotor drone with eight rotors), capable of lifting a human pilot. The octocopter will serve as a proof of concept, demonstrating the potential of this technology. The potential uses for drones in both private and commercial sectors are endless. The drone itself will pave the way to more ambitious endeavors, decreasing cost and increasing ease of use, flight time and speed. Scaled up versions of our design, which will be developed by our Club in the coming months can support these applications. Our project can be considered to be one of the first of its kind in India, so perhaps most importantly, we believe this project will act as a stimulus and encourage other students in India to take up innovative engineering projects and motivate them to address the problems engineering was meant to solve.

Sahevaan Taneja

Sahevaan Taneja, a CHIREC alumnus,is an Aerospace Engineering student at Syracuse University, NY. He has been experimenting and working on Drones and UAVs since the age of 13 and has worked with several renowned companies such as Cyient and Delta Tech., to develop autonomous drones which are currently being used by the DRDO and Forestry Departments.

Vinay Kanumuri

Vinay Kanumuri, a recipient of the Cambridge outstanding learners award, is an IBDP student, currently in 11th grade at CHIREC International School. A marathon runner with a love for reading, he has a deep passion for science and technology. He is currently taking Math, Physics, Chemistry and Economics at a higher level. He has taken a course on nanotechnology at Brown University and has interned at a genomics startup. He is the president of the CHIREC International Interact Club and the editor of the school blog.

Amog Iska

Amog Iska is a student pursuing IB 11 in CHIREC international. His passion for science goes beyond the classroom as he has taken summer courses on Quantum Mechanics at Brown University and a course on The Theory of Relativity at Stanford University. He has taken an active part in the school science magazine, The Monthly Catalyst, for two consecutive years and now leads the editorial board. He is an avid runner and a fitness freak.

Aaditya Maddukuri

Aaditya Maddukuri is a student in the IB 11 program in Chirec international school dedicated to furthering knowledge in physics and chemistry inside and outside the classroom. This has involved an internship in biochemistry facility, the creation of a monthly newspaper dedicated to science, and the writing numerous articles on a wide range of topics in the fields. He has a particular interest in Quantum Mechanics and Organic Chemistry. Beyond the classroom, he is a talented guitar player, who is currently pursuing grade 6 in the RGT board.

Vineet Alaparthi

Vineet Alaparthi is an 11th grade IB student at Chirec International School. He has a deep rooted interest in physics and engineering and has taken part in various scientific activities such as the NASA space settlement contest. He is continuously expanding his knowledge beyond what is taught in the classroom. Aside from being an avid learner, he is the captain of the school basketball team and was elected deputy sports captain. He has been selected to represent both the district and the state in national level basketball competitions.

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